Invitation to Bid for I-405/I-605Soundwall and Bridge Widening


SBE Subcontractor / Supplier Bids Requested

I-405 / I-605 Soundwall and Bridge Widening

IFB NO. C0973

Owner: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro)

Bids: July 19, 2011 at 2:00 PM

This advertisement is in response to Metro’s SBE Program.  C.C. Myers, Inc intends to conduct itself in “Good Faith” with SBE firms regarding participation on this project.  Please submit bids for the following work (but not limited to):

Misc Supplies, Safety, Concrete & Cement, Pipe, Guard Railing & Barriers, Pavement Markers, Electrical & Signals, Construction Staking, Construction Area, Signs, Traffic Control Systems, Reset, Adjust Roadway Items, Plane Asphalt Concrete, Remove Bridge Item, Modify Bridge Item, Clearing & Grubbing, Roadway Excavation, Grading, Structure Excavation, Structure Backfill, Ditches Excavation, Embankment Construction, Highway Planting, Erosion Control, Irrigation System, Aggregate Base, Asphalt Concrete, Paving Asphalt (Asphalt Concrete), Place Asphalt Concrete Dike & Misc, Portland Cement & Concrete Pavement, Clean & Seal Pavement Joints-Route and Seal Cracks, CIDH Concrete Piling, Concrete Structure, Minor Concrete Structure, Concrete Overlay-Drill & Bond, Concrete Block & Masonry Retaining Wall, Sound Wall (Masonry Block-Concrete), Reinforcing Steel, Waterproofing, Sign Structure, Roadsign Sign, Reinforced Concrete Pipe, Corrugated Metal Pipe (CSP), Rock Slope Protection, Misc Iron & Steel Frame, Cover & Grate, Metal Beam Guard Railing, Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe & Marking, Painted Traffic Stripe & Marking, Pavement Marking, Signal & Lighting, Message Signs, Lighting & Sign Illumination, Ramp Metering System, Consultant, Engineering, Surveyor, Hazardous Waste Trucking, Truck Rental, Truck Broker, Trucker, Construction Equipment Rental, Heavy Equipment Rental, & Demolition.

C. C. Myers, Inc. is willing to breakout any portion of work to encourage SBE participation.  If you are interested in any of this work, please contact us immediately.  Plans and specifications can be viewed Monday thru Friday from 7am – 5pm at our Southern California office. Any questions can be directed to Craig Roth Southern California Chief Estimator.

Conditions or exceptions in Subcontractor’s quote are expressly rejected unless expressly accepted in writing.  Subcontractor and Supplier quotes are required 24 hours prior to the bid date to enable thorough evaluation.

Each Subcontractor shall be prepared to submit faithful performance and payment bonds equal to 100% of their quotation.  The Contractor will pay standard industry rates for these bonds. Contact C. C. Myers, Inc. for assistance with bonds, insurance, lines of credit, equipment, supplies or project plans and specifications.  C.C. Myers, Inc is a union company. C.C. Myers, Inc is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER.

1822 S Lewis St. Anaheim, CA 92805 (P) 714-978-2726 (F) 714-978-1156

To download this bid in pdf please click here Soundwall_and_Bridge_widening

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