Invitation to Bid – Winters Rd Bridge Replacement


C.C. MYERS, INC. 3286 FITZGERALD ROAD RANCHO CORDOVA, CA 95742 916-635-9370 FAX 916-635-1527 DATE: April 23, 2013 TO: DBE Subcontractors FROM: Estimating Department SUBJECT: Winters Road Bridge Replacement Project #BRLO-5923(067) County of Solano Bid Date: May 09, 2013 at 2:00 pm INVITATION TO BID C. C. Myers, Inc. is bidding on the above referenced County of Solano project. This is a highway project with the typical items of work associated, but not limited to: Aggregate, CIDH Pile, Clear and Grubbing, Concrete Barrier, Concrete Crack Sealing, Construction Area Signs, Consult – Enviro Compliance, Core and Saw, Demo Bridge, Demo Minor, Earthwork and Base, Imported Borrow, Electrical H’Way, Fence & MBGR, Minor Flat Concrete, Joint Seals, K-Rail, Landscape, Erosion Control, Metal Bridge Rail, Minor Concrete Structure, Pavement Grinding, Paving PCC, Plane A C, Paving ASPH Concrete, AC Dike and Misc., Pile Drive, Pipe – Coor Steel, Precast Concrete Pipe, Prestress Concrete, Ready Mix Concrete, Rebar, Rock Slope Protect, Sign Structures, Signs Roadside, Stripe and Mark, Structure Excavate Bridge, Structure Excavate Site, Traffic Control and Trucking. C.C. Myers, Inc. is willing to break down items of work into economically feasible units to encourage DBE participation. If you are interested in any of this work, please contact us immediately. Plans and specifications can be downloaded from the County of Solano website by following this link: _for_bids.asp or by contacting Kimberlee Marlan by email at Conditions or exceptions in Subcontractor’s quote are expressly rejected unless expressly accepted in writing. C.C. Myers, Inc. requires Subcontractor and Supplier quotes 24 hours prior to the bid date to enable thorough evaluation. Contact C.C. Myers, Inc. for assistance with obtaining bonds, insurance, lines of credit, equipment, supplies or project plans and specifications. Each Subcontractor shall be prepared to submit faithful performance and payment bonds equal to 100% of their quotation. The Contractor will pay standard industry rates for these bonds. AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER Please complete the following information and fax to: 916-635-1527: Company Name: _____________________________ Contact: _____________________ Phone #: ____________________ Bidding: ________ Yes _________ No If yes, please provide scope letter/quote as soon as possible. View Invitation to Bid – DBE Winters Rd Bridge Replacement (4 23) in PDF.

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