Core Programs & Services   

Grow and Prosper

USPAACC represents Asian American businesses and professionals. Companies that join us and participate in our programs reap profits. Over just one business lunch, the RTC – with the assistance of a member banker – pulled in more than $1 million in new business.
After attending one USPAACC national conference, one business in New York received over $800,000 in business from PepsiCo.

After attending one USPAACC regional conference, one business in California received over $900,000 in business from Hilton Hotels.

After joining USPAACC, one business in Virginia became a Verizon supplier and is now doing business with the US Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Network nationwide

USPAACC has a national reach through regional chapters on both coasts and in the Midwest, Southeast and Southwest. We have also built strong alliances with Hispanic, African American, Native American and women’s business organizations across the country, as well as with our sister chambers in Asia.

Bridge the cultural gap

According to The World Bank, Asia accounts for half of global trade expansion. Our unique relationships with China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Pakistan inspire the trust that is vital to successful deal-making.

Explore diversity and other compelling issues

USPAACC partners with major corporations and government agencies to provide seminars for executives and managers on a variety of topics, including the challenges and rewards of living, working and doing business in multicultural and multi-ethnic America.

Past seminars have included:

  • The Woman Pioneers Symposium
  • Breaking Cultural Barriers to Succeed
  • Franchising
  • The Executive Leadership Institute
  • Seven Habits of Highly Successful Government Contractors
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing to Corporations                                                    

In addition, our workshops and roundtables address issues of importance to Asian Americans and to those who want to do business with Asian Americans and in Asia. These gatherings often receive media coverage.

Topics have included:

  • Technology transfer
  • Race relations
  • Asian Americans and political fund-raising
  • Marketing to Asians and Asian Americans
  • Teaming with strategic partners to build capacity
  • Hong Kong’s future after its reversion to China

Because of our outstanding track record, USPAACC has been asked by the U.S. Department of Labor to help organize the annual Opportunity Conference to reach two of the most vibrant entrepreneurial groups and workforces in the 21st century: Hispanics and Asian Americans.
USPAACC was also selected to partner with KPMG to conduct the Asian American Workforce Study which OMB has published on line. This study is a research and teaching tool for organizations interested in the status of the underserved and under-utilized segment of the Asian American workforce.

Recruit outstanding employees

We help corporate diversity recruitment programs locate and attract top Asian American executives, managers, and professionals.

Get to know the Asian American community better

As a group, Asian Americans

  • are highly educated
  • have the highest per household income
  • produce over half of the total receipts of all minority-owned businesses,
  • account for half of the jobs created by all minority-owned businesses.

They are among the fastest-growing groups in the United States. Getting to know them makes good business sense.   

Reach Asian American businesses all over the United States

Our National Directory of Asian American Businesses & Resource Guide is the only one of its kind. Our quarterly newsletter, East West Report, is received by the 10,000-plus legislators and policymakers, corporate and government executives, entrepreneurs and professionals affiliated with USPAACC. Companies that join us get noticed!

Join the Asian American Suppliers Council (AASC)

We provide a unique online opportunity for corporate America, government agencies, and Asian American suppliers to develop mutually beneficial business relationships. Asian American companies join AASC to increase their contacts and sales. Corporate and government purchasers join AASC to diversify their supplier and customer base.

Make Deals Through the E-Portal 

Meet and do business without leaving your desk! The E-Portal is a remarkable feature of our website that enables Asian American businesses to connect with corporate and government buyers and vice versa. Asian American suppliers register here so that they can be identified by buyers; the buyers reciprocate by posting contract opportunities for the Asian American community.

Influence Legislation   

Operating from our national headquarters in Washington, DC, USPAACC has easy access to Capitol Hill, where legislative briefings are held and our members’ concerns are presented and discussed.

Attend the Supplier Diversity Managers’ Summit

This forum gives managers an opportunity to discuss best practices, share their experiences, and suggest ways to improve the supplier diversity and small business programs of corporations and government agencies.

Celebrate Asian American Business and Culture  

Every year since 1984, as part of the national observance of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, USPAACC has presented the only national business conference designed for the Asian American community. To date, CelebrAsian is the nation’s largest annual Asian American conference on business opportunities. The gathering features our signature event, the Guanxi* Supplier Opportunity Fair, where prearranged one-on-one business matchmaking meetings are held between suppliers and buyers from Fortune companies and government agencies. In 2009, over 1,000 such meetings took place.

*Guanxi is a commonly used business term meaning “connections” or “relationship.”

Visit the USPACC National website for more information.  Click here

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